Monday, April 23, 2012

in limbo

so. guess who is home? this lady.

let's get straight down to business:

guess what no one tells you?! well the list could go on so we'll start at #1.

Here's the scoop. everyone is so busy telling you how hard culture shock is into a 3rd world country that they COMPLETELY forget to tell you that it is 1 BILLION (x10) times harder to adjust back to America.

and i'm a little mad (okay not really. for dramatic effect.) no one could at least give this little girl a heads up that driving is way scarier than before, the dentist is still as horrible as you thought, and being social is way too tiring??? c'mon guys. i expected more from you. just kidding, I just love your little faces.

your devious little faces....

on another note, new technology is so scary and exhilarating all at once that i can barely stand it! I bought a mac today and was given a hand-me-down (or hand-BY-down?! WHICH ONE IS IT?!) "smart" phone when I got back. it's all a little bit insane. AND is it just me or does everyone speak in what i like to call instagram language?! at least Facebook is the same.....OH WAIT everyone can now see a timeline of my life. but why am i complaining? i still go on just like everybody else. haha.

anyways, i'm very ready to stop rambling (as I am sure you are too) so this is farewell for now.

send your prayers that i can backpack out of limbo-land without completely losing my mind.

love to you all. really. i'm just FULL of love today! ...thanks to my consistent weekly watching of We Bought A Zoo.



ps, indonesia pictures coming soon. they are beautiful (thanks to beautiful children). you'll fall in love just as i did.