Wednesday, January 18, 2012

maya means love

I cannot find the words to describe this experience. There are no words to describe this experience! All I hope to do is express my sincere and absolute gratitude for those who helped make this possible. You have changed my life, and hopefully, helped me change the lives of others. Thank you.

Do you know why “clichés” are so overused?

Because they are true!

Home is where the heart is.

But do you know what that cliché doesn’t tell you? That your heart can be in two places at once.

Nepal. After six and a half months together, I can honestly say that you have stolen my heart. Your mountains, your smiles, your temples (no matter how dirty), your buses, your villages, your rolling hills, your elephants and rhinos, your children, your language, your cows, your customs, your hard work, and your Namaste’s have all taken my heart hostage. You have taught me gratitude in a way that I never could have gained in my home land (or at least hometown). Most of all, you have given me lifelong friends. Friends who’ve have shown me that language is never a barrier to love and laughter.

America. You are home to my friends and, most importantly, my family. You raised me. Your clean streets and untangled power lines kept me safe. You taught me lessons of reading, writing and mathematics, not to mention that you kept me pretty well fed. You give me Thanksgiving, Christmas and even St. Patty’s day with my FAMILY! You gave me the opportunity to work, learn and love -- something that very few in our big world ever get. For that I will be forever grateful.

So tell me...How do I survive with my heart in two completely different worlds?

I fear that it might just break in two.

Goodbye my dear Nepal.

And of course,


Monday, January 16, 2012

Watch it

Idea by Anna. (ghetto) Filming and editing by me. Inspirational thoughts by the Kathmandu Branch Relief Society.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

high school musical re runs

Last night I had a nightmare. A nightmare that was so much like real life that is scared me to consciousness. I was sitting in some sort of formal gathering. My friends and family surrounded me. There was a program of speakers and I was sitting in a seat in the middle of the room.

As speakers continually went over their allotted time slots, the program became more and more behind schedule (which would normally stress me out, but for some reason did not). Finally, one of the organizers passed a note to one of the girls speaking. It was something about how there was no more time and she needed to finish her talk early.

All of the sudden she started freaking out (okay this didn’t seem quite like real life...). She started screaming how she has fixed her hair for an hour-AN HOUR-for this! They were so selfish to cut down her time etc etc... All of the sudden all of her screaming started getting louder and louder in my head. Everyone started talking about how bad they felt for her and complaining about so many materialistic things (like her straightener. random.). The words got louder and louder and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to walk out. All that was running through my head was “How can these people not realize how LUCKY they are!”

I sat in a plastic chair looking out at the rain pouring down (so emotional, i know) and all I could think about was how all I wanted at that moment was to be back in Nepal. Back with the beautiful people here who are so grateful for the little they do have.

I woke up feeling relieved I was still sleeping on my hard little bed in my cold bedroom in the dusty city of Kathmandu. It’s not every day that I feel that way...

Okay who wants to bet that I am going to have a difficult time adjusting back?! Haha.

I'm just going to walk around america looking like this..

I'll totally fit in.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

growin up and makin paper

So I am in the midst of planning (not really) for my life after my overseas adventures cease, and I'm wondering where would be the best place to try for a nanny job? I'm debating between my criiiiub also known as northern california, or my parents new place of residency, Park City, UT.

So, all of my dear dear readers out there (all 5 of you), any advice for me? Do you know of any families looking for a full time (possible live in) nanny from May-August? I will need to earn enough to pay for school in the fall/winter.

Let me know!

Ps, my fav lady from Choice named Sashi just ran in the room I'm in and, while jumping up and down, said "I'm packing!"

...then she giggled and ran out. I'm so confused but now I'm giggling too. I think the truth is that everyone is a kook on the inside.

Okay...maybe just Sashi and me.

ANYWAYS....give me the scoop on nanny jobs. Possibly a family in Hawaii could be an option too? I do love me some ocean.

-phuulmaya the job-less

ps, if you do in fact find a family that may need a nanny, I suggest that you don't send them over to this blog. We don't want them knowing how crazy I really am, do we?! That's right, we don't. Now scurry along little one...find keti bahini a job!