Sunday, October 23, 2011

sick < paris hilton

Gah sometimes (all the time) I have so many possible blog posts floating around in my head (21st century kid much?) and it gets overwhelming so I just end up not posting at all.

Then I just end up with all these crazy thoughts bouncing around in my head, and I'm convinced that one day i'll just go crazy and start screaming all these blog posts. can you imagine? hahahah.
(I secretly hope this happens on a public bus).

So here I am, trying to avoid that hilarious and embarrassing fate. I have given into the blog.

I know you probably think I'm crazy to say this, but for some reason, I really am not a big fan of being sick.
...Okay, that's pretty mellow.
I hate being sick.

So the fact that I was vomiting up my guts for 2 straight days in a random Nepali village in the middle of nowhere, with a doctor trying to stick me with an IV, was really kind of lame. I think the worst part of it was that all there is in these villages to eat is rice. I mean, you've got some variety including bananas, spinach, pumpkin, bamboo, buffallo's milk etc...
the main dish is rice. And after throwing up rice for a few hours, it just does NOT look appetizing. I could have sworn of rice for the next twenty years and had no second thoughts.
(okay except for warm rice pudding. that's my boyfriend and i love him)

Thank the heavens, I am all better now! After the doc gave me some hard core drugs (literally I felt better in 10 minutes) I was back to swinging from vines with Tarzan.

Today I am so excited. Let me tell you why (you probably don't care but it's myyyy bloooog!)

1. Bishnu arrives from the US. well he should have already arrived but his plane was delayed a couple hours. i could have called that. Helllloooo, india airlines!


3. I am going to the tailors to pick up all my new clothes! tradish nepali clothes, skirts for church, shirts...Everything! booooooyah.

4. I get to dream about our girl's night(Nepali style)me and some girls in the branch are having tomorrow (candy+pizza+chick flick+boy talk) holla atcha gurrrrl

5. I decided i'm going to eat my fastbreak candy bar today. that should be top of the list.

6. now im just making up random stuff. this list has been dead for a while now...

Ta ta to my millions of loyal followers. keep stalking me and i'll keep stalking you.

my inspirational thought to leave you with today(this is for you, cami):

"One of my heroes has always been Barbie. She may not do anything, but she always looks amazing doing it."

-Paris Hilton

we are lucky to have her insightful soul here on earth.




Steve Hargadon said...

Well, you got me laughing! :)

Jaz said...

kafy, i love you.

Julie said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud. You've got the gift girl!

camryn said...

Hahahhaha Ok i just cry and laugh at all of these. Thank heavens I'm still getting my weekly (wish it were daily) does of Kate via blogger. thanks for the paris quote. Brought me the courage to do my Homework. That's a lie I am now gonna watch My life according to me. xoxo, paris.
Thats also a lie. I have no time to do anything. But I am gonna chip chop my homework so I can FINALLY EMAIL YOU! Love you. You to Steve.