Tuesday, December 27, 2011

caught up.

First things first:

Nepal. My life.

How did you two get mixed together? I still can’t believe I get to live here. How blessed is my life.

And now I will admit what you all already know—I am really lame and never update this blog! I do have some excuses though. First, we had a Choice expedition (so fun) AND my sister flew to Nepal AND Christmas of course! Plus, I’ve spent the majority of this month out in some rad remote villages with no access to internet. Hence the lame blogging (or lack of).

AH I have so many stories. I have so much HAPPINESS in my SOUL! An uninhibited and adventurous sort of happiness.

Because I have so many stories I will break them into different posts. This specific post is dedicated to the CHOICE Expedition and all the stories, friends and pictures that were experienced!

It is truly amazing to meet a group of people, young and old, who will not only save money to fly here, but take a week out of their lives to volunteer! I had no doubt that everyone coming would be awesome, and they absolutely were.

Aaaand…it was so great to have people who speak my native tongue to laugh and talk with. I’m sure they got sick of little chatty Kathy, but eh…ke garne!

The whole experience did make me wonder how I will re-adjust back into America. I’ve determined that I will either be really comfortable with Americans or reaaaally awkward and uncomfortable. If you see me walking down the street wearing long socks, slippers, hippie pants and a big yak wool sweater, singing some Nepali song to myself, please give me a hug and talk to me--even if I respond in Nepali. Haha.

Here are some pictures from the week.

I think my favorite from the trip:


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