Wednesday, January 4, 2012

growin up and makin paper

So I am in the midst of planning (not really) for my life after my overseas adventures cease, and I'm wondering where would be the best place to try for a nanny job? I'm debating between my criiiiub also known as northern california, or my parents new place of residency, Park City, UT.

So, all of my dear dear readers out there (all 5 of you), any advice for me? Do you know of any families looking for a full time (possible live in) nanny from May-August? I will need to earn enough to pay for school in the fall/winter.

Let me know!

Ps, my fav lady from Choice named Sashi just ran in the room I'm in and, while jumping up and down, said "I'm packing!"

...then she giggled and ran out. I'm so confused but now I'm giggling too. I think the truth is that everyone is a kook on the inside.

Okay...maybe just Sashi and me.

ANYWAYS....give me the scoop on nanny jobs. Possibly a family in Hawaii could be an option too? I do love me some ocean.

-phuulmaya the job-less

ps, if you do in fact find a family that may need a nanny, I suggest that you don't send them over to this blog. We don't want them knowing how crazy I really am, do we?! That's right, we don't. Now scurry along little one...find keti bahini a job!


Jaz said...

turtle bay (like 15 min from byuh) is always hiring nannies, and i hear it's a sweet gig cuz you are just nannying for rich tourists that don't wanna deal w/ the children that they brought w/ them on vay-k... kimmy's friend did it so i could get you a reference. i hear they pay good... and best part??? YOU COULD LIVE W/ ME! housing is easy to find and cheaper in the summer. um, and ilove you... or check out craigslist, i know when jen was fantisizing about moving out here there were ads for live-in nannys also on some nannying website

Jaz said...

you can make a profile at

Kate Hargadon said...

thanks girl!

Allison said...

Um...I need a nanny! When are you coming home?!?