Monday, February 6, 2012


I aaaaaaam baaaaaaaaaaaaack!! I know you've probably missed me to a point of physical pain. don't you worry babies, I'm back.

I am currently chillin in Hanoi, Vietnam after a 25 hour bus from Laos. 5 words: HELL in a bus ride. Excuse my language, but don't judge me until you have taken the ride. haha.

Kickin it with the makster and eating some delish street food. keepin it classy--drinking bubble tea and zippin around on motorbikes.

Tomorrow we'll head over to Halong bay for a couple days (google it now).

After that, heading down to Southern Vietnam (STOKED+PADI) and over to Cambodia (momma's joinin us woot woot). After that we'll be hopping back to Thailand to visit the southern islands (also STOKED), and ending the trip in Bali for some meditation, surf lessons from the makster, and gnarly diving. Woot woot.

did I mention I am so grateful to be doing this right now? So happy I made the decision to put off school for a year! Although that's not the right choice for everyone, it definitely was for me. although i can't wait to hear back from schools to see if the crazy girl is admitted. pray.

so so so happy to be on this adventure. Sorry, this blog probably won't be updated very often as I don't have a computer, so hopefully I can catch up on stories later!


kateybaby (as the babies call me)

ps, i've officially overdosed on spring rolls, pad thai and fruit smoothies. and apparently I am now allergic to pineapple? Curse you, Universe.

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Jaz said...

kattttteeeee! you're back!!! yii yii! ...and for the pineapple allergy, there's this pineapple stuff they have here... it's like this powder stuff they put on it and a couple of people who are allergic to pineapple say that they can have it w/ the powder stuff on it.. all hope is not lost!!!