Thursday, July 14, 2011

antibacterial wipes save lives

*my little bedroom that I love

Kathmandu...oh Kathmandu. You are so much different from Lincoln.

I expected that of course, but seeing cows in the middle of the road and the lack of street laws makes it a bit more real.

I honestly think it was a complete miracle I made it here safely and didn't have any sort of disaster. Other than the ever present disaster of trying to use a restroom here, of course.

After my plane landed in Kathmandu, I was able to get my visa pretty quickly. I honestly think it was because I smiled a lot and totally butchered speaking Nepali to them that they probably just felt bad for me. haha.

I got my luggage way faster than expected, and the first American I saw, I followed. She led me to the bathroom. oooooooh man. That bathroom will forever be remembered as my first Nepali bathroom I conquered.

It took me about 5 minutes to get my bag and big 5'10" body into the tiny TINY stall, and only after I did, did I realize that there was no toilet paper, and pee everywhere. I just stopped and said a little prayer of thanks to my mother for insisting I bring antibacterial wipes.

I found the guy who was picking me up and we drove to the office where I am staying. The drive scary. No lines, no rules, no nothing. Just honking, animals everywhere, motorcycles heading right for you, and tons of little market shops. Crazy crazy crazy. just like me. That must be why I loved it! Other than the "i'm going to die right now" feeling I had a few times.

I'm now settled into my little room here and I thankfully have some limited internet! I will be traveling out to a village to live there pretty soon, so I'll probably only have it for a few more weeks, but I'll use it while I can!

I'm off to teach English to the CHOICE members here who have been waiting for "the american girl" to come and teach them. Yeah....we'll see how that goes. Hopefully the fact that it's my native tongue will make up for the fact that I've never taught it before. Haha.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible! more stories to come! (most likely involving stinky bathrooms...)




camryn said...

ahahah this is so great! I love bathrooms! Love you. keep posting so i stay sane.

Kristin said...

Oh my beautiful Kate! I finally found your blog and it was so good to catch up and see your happy smiling face! I can't wait to hear more! I miss you so much! We are having our own adventure our here in VA and we have found the value of antibacterial wipes in this old dirty house also! However I am thankful for what I have now and trying to forget about what I don't have (some of the luxuries I left behind in Lincoln). Talk to you soon! Be safe! Love you!

Kate Hargadon said...

Kristin! I'm so glad to hear from you! I miss you and neal and your kids so much. I hope all is well for everyone in VA! It is a really humbling experience to leave things behind that you didn't even realize were luxuries until you don't have them, right? I'm sure after you all get into the routine of things, you will really love it there. The people of DC are lucky to have you! And tell Neal I'm being really safe and he would be proud! Tell everyone hi and that i Loooooove them!