Friday, July 22, 2011


This is my beautiful house in Kathmandu. I feel like I'm entering the secret garden when I walk through the gate.....that is until Jack jumps up and attacks me and I smell like dirty dog. Dreams can only last so long.

Bishnu, Smina and I went to a new dental college expo. My favorite events to attend, naturally. Someone from the House of Representatives was there, and that was a big deal. I'm pretty sure I was on TV. Booyah.
......who cares if it was probably because I was the only white girl there.

I love the house upstairs/shop downstairs thaaang the Nepali's have going on. I really think they're onto something.

When Jeev isn't pretending to be a secret agent ridding the world of new age dinosaurs, or a kung fu master that is killing me, he likes to be a scholarly man.

....I think he just puts on the act for the ladies. I know who you really are, agent J.

There are so many days of rain and a few days with this glorious sky. my favorite.

This is Abighya. one of my favorite little girls here. Okay that's a lie. all the kids here are my favorites.

She's especially cool though because she lives above me and sometimes she plays hooky from school and we dance to Justin Beiber in my room. For hours. Then we take a little break and eat some corn. Then we keep dancing.

If you are in need of plastic farming supplies. My 12-14 year old self would have looooved this store. so many things for my chickens!

Guess who's a real Nepali woman now? all thanks to mendi.

Rebecca (my Nepali sister, as she calls herself) would get bored. So when the salon owner went to get something, she would dance her wiggles out. GAH we are so alike.

This lady loved me so much (maybe not her friend...) that she took off the white girl tax.
I saved 600 rupees. yessss.

Only until after she did my mendi, did someone inform me that the dark tips on my fingers symbolize that I have a boyfriend (or husband) that loves me VERY much. Hmm.....

Apparently the Nepali women here know more about my love life than I do....


Kate (or as abighya calls me, Katareeeen)


caitlin said...

I love every bit of this. That's all I can say. I'm in love. And I'm so happy for you. Just soak this all in and enjoy every moment. I so wish I could be there with you darling!!

bcreynolds said...

Kate, I have totally been stalking this and I think that you're pretty much the most amazing person ever and my hero.

Kate Hargadon said...

Haha Christie, I'm so glad to hear from you! I hope married life is good, i'm sure it is. And in my opinion, you are just as amazing as I am, we are just living our lives in different places serving different people! We all make a difference, and everyone does it in their own way. Love ya girl!

Kate Hargadon said...

and caitbobat,

I have no doubt that one day you and I will live out some awesome adventures of our own. just you wait! When I come visit you in P-town, we'll tear it up.

camryn said...

What about me, tami? I don't change the world. I AM THE WORLD. Love this and your tats. Since I wanna be just like you I drew all over myself as well. Didnt turn out quite the same but it was deece. Miss ya. ps I read this post all the time. Made my whole life.

Jaz said...

sounds like you are having an awesome time! and i love it!'s so funnny cuz i seriously think of you all the time. like i'll be walking down a street and think "wow this is where kate was copying every word i said and i really really wanted to kill her" or... this is where that one think happened that was super intense and we won't tell anyone about!
...but anyways, the point is, that i love you and i'm so happy for you. um, tell jack i said hi, cuz i really miss those 4-legged creatures right now... and the dark tips symbolize me. duh.