Thursday, September 8, 2011

60 days.

Today was a learning day.

I learned that patience is something I am learning. Every day.
I learned that life is so complex and so simple, all at the same time.
I learned that we are all here to help each other out.
and I learned that we are given the hardest challenges when we most need them.
Today I remembered all the people who have helped me.
Thank you.
I hope you know who you are.
Today I smashed two cockroaches with my journal. yum.
I thought a lot about poverty.
Today I listened to Nickel Creek and remembered why I love them. Highly recommend.
Today I felt gratitude to my God.
And I wished that everyone felt His love, as I do.
I learned that here on Earth, we are refined.
and sometimes it's by fire.
Today I edited an 18 page report. it was hard.
I read Little Princes by Conor Grennan. also highly recommended.
and I thought about my 7th & 8th grade core teachers. Wherever you are, thank you for all you did for me. Having you as a teacher made junior high bearable (ah so awkward...).
Today I wrote a talk for church.

and today I sent good vibes to you! I hope you are so happy!

If you're not, go drink a dr. pepper, put on some good beats, and have a little dance party.
Invite some friends, if you're feeling real adventurous (woot woot).

And before you go to bed, say thank you. To your mom for putting up with you, your roommate for living with you, your brother for keeping you tough, your dog for always thinking you are awesome, or your God for blessing you. I promise it'll make you feel better.

Then please enjoy your thick mattress, soft pillow, and lack of cockroaches for me.


(Remember me? I'm the crazy girl living 7,851 miles away.)

Hi mom. Hi dad. Thanks for reading to the end...


Jaz said...

i'll enjoy the matress and the pillow, but the lack of cockroaches i cannot do ;)
freak kate... i teared up at this... i love you miss you.. and seriously think about you all the time
like.. yday i went into town and walked by our hotel. man, such good times!
but it's so awesome that you're on this adventure and having it looks like an amazing time... man, i know times are probably hard most of the time, but it's so cool that this is probably one of the greatest adventures you'll go on! ah, anyways, i love you kafy!

Steve Hargadon said...

See, it's not just your mom and dad who read your blog! :)

Thick mattresses are over-rated...

LaRee Florence said...

KATE! This was beautiful. You are so wise to learn the value of gratitude so young. I am just getting it (Maybe) and I am OLD. Miss you and love you AND I read to the end too.


PS once in Israel on my paper thin mattress I caught a mouse chewing in my hair and I had to kill it with my suitcase. Good times.

Julie said...

Love your blog, Kate. Brilliant!

Kate Hargadon said...

Jaz, i'm glad we are connected on the cockroach level. I wish we had both been spared this luxurious creature but, hey! That's life babay.

Dad--you say that only after returning home to your beautifully thick and majestic mattress. Haha.

LAREE--Thank you for the beautiful thoughts. I miss you and your family and all your crazy puppies! You have been a great example to me. AHH I gasped reading that last line! I am so grateful that no mice live in my hair. I hope to go to Israel one day!

Julie--I just LOVE you and miss you! tell your family hi!