Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh, India.

Unknown procrastination sucks.

Here's the story:

I'm going to India on the 30th (awesome) with an american family here who's dad works at the embassy here (they are also awesome). We're staying for about a week and we're seeing some of the awesome sights of India. Wow, I really need to stop saying awesome.
Radical, treasured, beautiful, exalted, mind-blowing, marvelous...all good options.

Anyways...I am stoked to go. Then I find out that you can't get visas for India UPON ARRIVAL. Which means I haven't applied for one yet. And...I leave in one week. Knowing that "yeah it'll be ready in 5 days" really means it'll be ready around next year in Nepal, the situation is looking a little grim.

BUT, I have hope. Because the Loooord is on my siiiiide! Yes, I just sang that. But really, it'll all work out. Because I went today and sat in line for 2 hours, to discover that if all goes well, it will be ready on the 29th (after I pay them a fortune, of course)!

Talk about cutting it close.

Hmmm. this was a really long blog post that really had no point. Haha.

In a nutshell:

I'm stupid and didn't apply for my visa until today.
It should be ready on the 29th.
I leave to India on the 30th.


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Julie said...

INDIA!!!!!! Awesome! I hope you get your visa!