Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For you, mom.


before watching this video you definitely want to read this back story.

While in OKhlepani, we celebrated Krishna's birthday. For this huge celebration, all the women in Okhlepani decided that I needed to dress like a Nepali woman....

They proceeded to wake me up at 6am the day of the festival, dress me in a Sari, apply lipstick and a Tikka to my face, and even some hair accessories.

We walked an hour in the jungle to get to the festival area (Panini) and somehow they talked me into dancing in front of everyone. Haha.

I honestly felt like I was at a rock concert, with all the Nepali's clapping and screaming because the white girl was dancing.

Thennnn....my sari started falling off and a swarm of Nepali woman came and took it off, fixed it, and put it back on. I was a little flustered when I stood there with a bunch of women undressing me in front of 400 people...but....

Hey! I'm in Nepal! Who cares!

So...here ya go. Enjoy laughing at how goofy I look.

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Steve Hargadon said...

Awesome! So lovin' it!