Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tribute to dad.

I love this guy.

He has gotten me through many long nights writing essays(TJYC)
made long road trips bearable(usually by singing...road to hana...haha...),

and comforted me whenever I have needed it.

And guess what? My favorite man is.....


....and no, my caps lock is not stuck. I'm just reeeeally excited.

Although I believe that my roommate, Sudip, is more excited than I am. He has been washing all his clothes, vacuuming all the rooms, and helping me clean the bathroom and kitchen. Every once in a while he'll jump (with an added fist pump. very dramatic...), saying "Katie's Baba is coming!!"

Haha. Love that guy.

Awesome-week-with-dad, here I come!

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