Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wired hearts

No matter how many books I read, Wikipedia articles I studied, people I talked to and videos I watched,

this is something I never could have prepared myself for.

It is harder than I expected,

the poverty hurts my heart more than I expected,

and I'm more homesick than I expected.

But through this, I have surprised myself.

I have become a part of families here

I have communicated without using any words,

and I have danced in front of over 200 Nepali women.

.......whether it was good Nepali dancing or not, that's not rrreeeally important.

Before this, I never realized how wired human beings are to adjust to different situations.

No matter what it is, we adjust.

Our heart, our mind and our thoughts adjust.

No matter how difficult we think it is,

and how much we doubt are ability to exist,

we do.

And we learn and grow and eventually we forget that we even had to adjust in the first place.

And that place that was once so foreign to us, becomes home.


Janna Hargadon said...

Home is where the heart is....someone wise said. And it is clear that although you love us at home with all your've embraced your experience and so with that love your heart has enlarged and is now encompassing those you serve and love in Nepal.
Heart hugs to you, Mom
p.s. You are poetic...

Julie said...

WOW, Kate! You're so poetic and insightful!

queenofwackiness said...

Hey Kate - your baba can't figure out how to comment. I am talking to her on the phone and I am commenting for her. Can you help an old lady (2 old ladies for that matter) who are unfamiliar w/the world of blogging. I told Palma (Baba) that she has to open an account. So this is a message from Baba...tell her how to comment.

From Nancy Jones - the Queen of Wackiness....I love your account. It is amazing what you are doing in generation would never dream of doing what you have done. I went to Cnicago once, but that was about it!!!

Cammy said...

HI Kate!
I am loving you so much that you are doing this! We will add you into our prayers along with David! I am sooooo proud of you and love hearing about it all and seeing the pictures. I can only imagine how much joy you bring to them! Stay strong and I wonder if they have peanut butter in Nepal?

Nikki said...

Dearest Katie Baby,
I love you. You inspire me. Sending you happy thoughts. :)